Free Hand Drawing Grid - A4

Free Hand Drawing Grid - A4

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  • Made for the A4 graph paper refills for small portfolio.
  • CTB is the sole US distributor for FreeHand Grids
  • Works like Accu-line drawing grids

Simply slide this amazing surface under any paper and create professional-looking drawings. The embossed drawing surface ensures straight lines.

The drawing grid is really all you need. It works perfectly with any clipboard or paper. It's very easy to use; just slide it under your paper and draw like a pro. Its proprietary surface geometry compels the point of your ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil to travel in a straight line.

The drawing surface is embossed with thousands of raised microscopic pyramids per square inch. These pyramids effortlessly compel the point of your ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil to travel in perfectly straight lines. Simply clip it to your clipboard and place a sheet of any paper on top of it to easily draw accurate and straight lines. This is an invaluable tool for drawing out scale floor plans, isometric drawings, schematics, bar charts, and graphs. It has become a favorite drawing surface among insurance adjusters, closet planners, engineers and flooring sellers. At 8.5 x 11” and approximate the thickness of a sheet of paper the drawing grid is guaranteed to go where you go.