About Us

CustomToolBelt – is a US Family owned business that has been manufacturing tools belts & accessories since 1999. Specializing in solving the problem of how to work both fully equipped and hands free. Thus, the root of our slogan – Thank you for choosing to “Work Hands Free”.

Each industry has a unique and ever changing set of ‘tools’. Today carrying a tablet computer along with specialized tools is commonplace. At CustomToolBelt with take on the challenge of designing the most user friendly way to carry these tools of your trade or industry in any environment .

Our beginning was the “CatManDo” a full tool belt system design for Catastrophe insurance adjusters - think hurricanes, hail storms, fires or floods. This quickly became the toolbelt of choice for not only adjusters in US and Canada but in insurance related industries such as roofing estimators, mitigation contractors and home inspectors.

More recently we have solved unique hands free systems for several other unrelated industries and because of our ability to design, produce a prototype, make revisions and then mass produce a high quality product we are the leader in ‘Custom’ tool belt design and production.

Our current pouch lineup is highly flexible with the Quick Change pouch system allowing you to select from many already produced pouches that work for you with the option to design new pouch(es) to complete your needs.

Thank you for Choosing to Work Hands Free!