Sizing Your Belt

  1. Lay your comfort belt flat
  2. Pick one of the two sides to work with first
  3. Grab the belt by the buckle and detach 3 - 4" of the belt from the padded belts hook and loop
  4. Locate the elastic band and slide it inward onto the single layer of belt
  5. Detach the hook and loop between the two layers of the belt exposing the bottom of the buckle
  6. The buckle should be loose to move with a crease where the two pieces were previously folded
  7. Each side of the belt allows for 3 - 4+ inches of adjustment (6 - 8" between the two sides)
  8. Sliding the buckle inward towards the comfort belt will make your belt smaller
  9. Sliding the buckle away from the comfort belt will make your belt larger
  10. Once in the desired position pinch the buckle between the fold of the two layers of belt and reattach the hook and loop
  11. Replace the elastic band to its previous location
  12. Repeat process for the remaining side checking to make sure the buckle align with the center of your waist

Putting On a Pouch

  1. Find the desired placement of the pouch your attaching ( Wearing the belt and holding the pouch helps)
  2. Lay the belt flat or unbuckle the belt from the comfort belt while wearing it
  3. Quick Draw pouches come with either 1, 2, or 3 clips
  4. Slide the Quick Draw clips onto the exact place you would like the pouch

Attaching Your Comfort Belt Oval

  1. This oval allows you to unbuckle your belt without the entire belt falling off.
  2. Hold the comfort belt around your waist
  3. Place the oval halfway over one of comfort belt tounges hook and loop
  4. Place the remaining portion of the oval over the second comfort belt tounge
  5. The oval should be split between the two evenly
  6. no need to remove both sides of the oval, one side should remain on while taking the belt off.