Let us make a toolbelt to equip your team.

Before we get started on a request for a custom pouch or tool carrying system we need you to understand that our custom solution saves time, money and adds safety for your users but there is an MOQ, a minimum order quantity for production and this is 100 pieces.

Customization does not include custom printing or added your logo to our products. If this is your interest please use our Contact Us page.

The process is first to get to know you, your needs, the tools your team carries, and the environment you carry these in. We can quote a budget range and produce design drawings and then a prototype to approve or revise towards final production. The customize process begins with a commitment and understanding of the needs of your team.

Send me more information on this service.

We will be happy to explore your needs, get started provide as much possible of the information requested below:

If possible, could you send a list of brands & model numbers (or image) of the tools you need to carry, separating the list of those tools needed daily and those tools are used only occasionally. Prioritizing this list of tools will give us a head start on the best design and pouch combinations. Maybe different teams/positions carry different tools please identify this Approximate number of users is all were to adopt this system (this is not an order commitment)