CatMan2 Beta Bundle

CatMan2 Beta Bundle

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  • Smaller size clipboard and pouch
  • Great set for insurance adjuster, roof estimator, home inspectors
  • Multi - tool pouch & Tape measure Catch all pouch
  • Falcon pouch and Chalk bag pouch

This CatMan2 toolbelt set with a smaller size portfolio pouch to hold a portfolio for 5.5 x 8 inch paper and a small format table computer (up to 9"). This set is the lightweight speed version of the full size system. This pouch grouping works well for property damage assessment. Use especially with those that have adopted the tablet as their mainstay for information collection and field app usage.

The main difference between CatManDo and CatMan2 is the Quick Change pouch system that allows you to change out or add or subtract pouches quickly and easily as the tools needed for your deployed storm peril change. Because of the Quick Change system adds a flexibility needed to satisfy the needs of many diverse markets CustomToolbelt is much more an Ala carte menu where you can purchase a comfort belt to clip on you selected. This is a great full format set to get started with and add additional items as needed. Please select the comfort belt based on your pants waist size.


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