CatManDo Toolbelt (2018)

CatManDo Toolbelt (2018)

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The CatManDo toolbelt (since 1999)

New features in the 2018 edition:

  • New sizing adjustment sized for 30" - 46" pants waist size.

  • New XL Size 46" - 54" pants waist size

  • New Multi-Tool pouch hold the complete set of the most used tools.

  • Padded pouch lengthened to hold water bottles.

  • Strengthened all stress points and wear point on belt.

This system is designed with the Insurance Adjuster in mind.

The pockets can be released and repositioned to what flows best for the user. The belt also adjusts in width within the various sizes.

The clipboard pouch is made to fit on the left of the belt and holds the clipboard and /or  tablet/IPad  allowing you to collect all the pertinent information in electronic or paper format.

Together the system allows the adjuster to safely inspect damages using the proper tools and to collect pertinent scope information all the while their hands are FREE.

This system was designed to  last for years and holds a warranty on parts if they become unstitched.

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