CatMan2 A5 Padded Portfolio Replacement

CatMan2 A5 Padded Portfolio Replacement

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Designed specifically to fit the small CatMan2 clipboard pouch
  • Padded quality portfolio 7" x 9" x 5/8" Made by CTB
  • Fits into small size large clipboard pouch
  • Includes Business card slot, document slot, solar calculator
  • Folds back on itself to make it very useable in the field.
  • Paper refills and FreeHand Grids sold separately

Padded PU portfolio. Portfolio = a covered clipboard. This is the smaller size portfolio measuring 7 x 9 inch. The portfolio is included with the purchase of a small clipboard pouch. This listing is a replacement item and includes the padded portfolio, a single pad of graph paper and the built in calculator.

**Purchase does not include A5 FreeHand drawing grid

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